Our ultimate goal is to reach all entrepreneurs that need loans, wherever they are, but we haven’t found field partners that match our criteria in every country.

You can visit our website, www.wafaalend.organd look up the field partner located in your country. There you can apply for a loan for your project. If you qualify, your project will be posted on our website.

No, Wafaa field partners do not charge any interest on loans. 

Visit our website, www.wafaalend.org, and click on Partners. You should then fill out the form for becoming a field partner and we will contact you. You could also contact us via email at info.wafaalend.org and request to be a Wafaa field partner.

There could be two reasons for this. Either we do not have a field partner in that country or we usually post projects from that country but all the projects from that country are fully funded at the time you checked. We would be glad to post more projects from that country once we receive them.

You could contact our field partners by visiting our website, www.wafaalend.organd clicking on Partners. There you will find a list of our field partners and their contact information.

Our field partners play a major role in the lending process. They link the entrepreneurs to Wafaa. They have many responsibilities such as collecting repayments from the entrepreneurs, checking up on them, and discovering and submitting new projects to Wafaa.

We look for the most established microfinance organizations who aim to help the poor and make sure they meet our requirements and standards, as well as conduct due diligence and weigh the risks before choosing them.

Our field partners are the institutions we have established partnerships with and their job is to administer and manage the loans in the country they are located in.

Wafaa needs to have institutions in each country they plan on supporting entrepreneurs in so they can handle the everyday operations such as discovering and submitting projects to Wafaa and collecting loan repayments from the entrepreneurs. They also give us an idea of the local population and have more experience with loaning in their respected countries.