A General Overview

The "WAFAA" was initiated by the Republic of Indonesia, which heads the (Committee Against Occupation) and the Human Rights Council in the U.N., generously hosted the International Humanitarian Conference on Assistance for Victims of Occupation and Refugee, under the slogan “End Occupation…For a Better Life”.  

The event ran from Friday, October 31 to Sunday November 2, 2008, which corresponded to the 2nd through the 4th of Dhu al-Qi'dah 1429 in the Indonesian capital Jakarta and was attended by over 500 people from different countries and continents. The participants in the conference came up with the following recommendation after presenting worksheets, projects, and negotiations.

The Conference adopts the suggestions of the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. N. Hassan Wirajuda, to support the program for the development of the resources and capacities of the “victims of occupation and refugees” individuals and authorized the formation of a preparatory committee for its launch.

The idea of “WAFAA” was established in 2008, after the recommendation by the International Humanitarian Conference on the Assistance for the victims of occupation and refugees to form and establish the development of the resources and capacities of the victims of the occupation and refugees program {Building Capacity}. 

The council emerging from the conference adopted the internal regulations and the standards for partnership and membership, in addition to determining its vision, message, and goals, as well as electing its executive committee.

In 2009, “WAFAA” was registered as a non-profit organization in Indonesia, Turkey, Lebanon, and in the British capital, London, which is the location of its headquarters.

Vision,Message and Priciples

Our Vision:

“WAFAA’s” comprehensive and agreed upon vision is a major reason for its success, and it acts as a compass for the future work of the program. The program’s vision revolves around three main issues:

  1. The strategic position we wish to occupy – Pioneers in this field
  2. The strategic role we wish to carry out – Developing the abilities of the victims of Occupation and Refugee
  3. The strategic advantage we wish to have - Professionalism and Transparency. Therefore, the strategic vision of our program is; 
To be pioneers in the field of developing and building the capacities of the “victims of occupation and refugee” individuals in a professional and transparent manner

Our Message:

We support the perseverance of “victims of Occupation and Refugee” individuals by building their humanitarian and financial capacities.

Our Goals:

  1. To help those with struggling small businesses with the rehabilitation and re-operation of their businesses.
  2. To spread the idea of self-dependence by creating success stories.
  3. The development of the small business sector and the capacity of the “victims of occupation and refuge” individual.
  4. To work towards replacing imported products with national products.
  5. To develop and encourage motivation, creativity, and innovation by adopting new business ideas through finance, rehabilitation, and training.
  6. “WAFAA” is considered the pioneer in the field of lending through the internet {online micro financing}.
  7. Making ties and communication between people through lending in order to build the capacities of individuals.


Our Principles:

“WAFAA” was established through our adoption of the following principles and beliefs:

  • Dignity: Unlike donations, borrowing encourages relations based on partnership. Partnership relations are always characterized by dignity and mutual respect.
  • Responsibility: Unlike grants and donations, loans usually create a sense of responsibility until the loan is paid off.
  • Transparency: “WAFAA” is an open program that allows developed and developing countries, as well as the lenders and borrowers, in the world to communicate freely.
  • Fairness in Distribution: “WAFAA” makes sure it distributes projects and its beneficiaries fairly and with complete transparency without any ethnic, ideological, or factional discrimination.
  • Democracy: “WAFAA” exercises democracy and allows individuals to benefit from its website by posting their needs, taking advantage of the opportunities available, and establishing a group of generous individuals that help others if they have the chance, within the context of transparency and responsibility.
  • Small business owners have the motivation and potential to succeed if given a chance.
  • “WAFAA” Promotes: Investment in business projects

Strategic Excellence

Online Micro Financing

One of “WAFAA’s” goals is to communicate and make ties between people through loans as a means of building an individual’s capacities. WAFAA clarifies the method of communication between lenders and business owners in order to establish one of a kind small business projects. “WAFAA” builds and develops the capacities of individuals so they can take great strides towards economic independence during the period of the loan, which usually ranges between 6 to 18 months within an exceptional work structure.

WAFAA joins organizations that depend on microfinance

Therefore, WAFAA is able to reach business owners in needy local communities in targeted areas through these organizations. In addition to this, “WAFAA” also has partners, who are experts in choosing qualified borrowers. “WAFAA” offers a profile of the lenders on their website, which enables you to borrow from them.

Where Does Your Money Go?

 “WAFAA” provides detailed and clear data, concerning the small business in need of financing. Moreover, “WAFAA” is continuously working on making its organizations more transparent in order to show the exact money flow throughout the loan period.

Making Communication Easy

•    “WAFAA” utilizes the ability and power of the internet to ease communication and contact all the concerned  parties, which helps cut down costs compared to using other means of communication.
•    “WAFAA” also does the same when it comes to contact between the lenders and borrowers by using the internet for their communication, rather than other, more expensive means of communication.

Lending via the Internet

The individuals featured on our website are real people who need loans and are waiting for people with the same interests to help by lending them money.

Our Geographical targets:



 Victims and refuges if tsunami and earth quacks.


 Victims and refuges of natural disasters


 Victims and refuges if natural disasters and civil instability.


 Victims and refuges if internal fighting, civil instability and wars. (Refugee camps)

 Palestine – Occupied territories

 Victims and refuges if internal fighting, civil instability and occupation. (Refugee camps)


 Victims and refuges if internal fighting, civil instability and wars. (Refugee camps)


 Victims and refuges of natural disasters


 Victims and refuges of natural disasters


 Victims and refuges of natural disasters