Make sure you have entered your credit card details correctly. If the problem persists, contact Paypal.

Paypal sends you a receipt with your transaction details as a confirmation that the amount was withdrawn from your account as also so you can keep track of the amount you paid.

The problem usually arises when you entered the wrong username or password. Make sure you have entered them correctly. You may also have forgotten your password. If this occurs, click on Forgot Your Password so you can receive an email with your password.

Our system doesn’t allow you to save your Wafaa Credit. You must use all of your available credit when making a loan. However, you could add the amount of the transaction you want to make before making it, so you will have a larger amount of Wafaa credit to withdraw from when you do the transaction.

There are several ways to know if your transaction went through. You will receive a confirmation email from Paypay with your receipt for that transaction. The loan will also appear on your My Projects page, and the project’s funding amount will increase.

At the moment, we have not posted any on our website. We will, however, post them in the near future.

Paypal does not  charge you for any of the transactions you may make, but they currently charge Wafaa for these transactions. We are currently working on making a deal with Paypal that will allow us to carry out these transactions without charge.

We post the amount a project needs to be completed on the website so people will make loans to this project. Every time someone makes a loan towards this project , the amount decreases, since it is becomes partially covered.

Loans are made towards projects all the time. Usually what happens in this situation is that someone had already made a loan to the project you selected earlier and the project became fully funded, therefore preventing you from funding it.