Wafaa is an Islamic non-profit organization and does not charge interest on their loans, nor do any of our field partners.


We are mainly funded by your generous donations, and also from the 15.5% we take for each lending process.

We define default (non-repayment) as six month after the official due date of the loan.

If an entrepreneur’s project is posted on the website for over a month without being funded, the project is removed from the website.

The field partners choose the entrepreneurs they feel meet Wafaa’s criteria.

Wafaa Limited

Scottich Provident House

76/80 College Road


Middlesex HA11BQ

Wafaa is a non-profit organization registered with the CIC in the United Kingdom.

Worldwide Advanced Financial Aid Association

We post our new projects about twice a week.

The entrepreneurs collect the contribution from the field office.

Once the repayments are received by Wafaa, the amount will be transferred to you Paypal account.

Wafaa carefully screens each entrepreneur and makes sure they meet our strict criteria before accepting their project.

100% of the amount you pay goes to the entrepreneur.

To view other lenders’ profile, click on Lenders, located in the bar on the top of the page, and select the lender ‘s profile you would like to view.

Wafaa is a non goverment organization registred in UK. Loans provided of zero interest.