Mr. Otte

selling fruits and vegetables

  • Indonesia - Bandung
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  • 2019-10-15
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A shop selling fruits and vegetables


Mr.Otte is a poor person, but he has a dreamy and persevering spirit with a better future for his wife and three children. He is striving to raise them in better conditions than the ones he lived in under the un just poverty line. Mr.Otte worked in several jobs simultaneously trying his best to afford food of the day for his small family. However, most of these jobs were seasonal with little income to feed those hungry mouths. Mr.Otti has extensive experience in the field of fruit and vegetable trade through his work in shops that sell wholesale fruit and vegetables to small shops but the lack of sufficient money prevented him from setting up his own shop. Mr.Otti has found a new hope to achieve his dream of a decent life by obtaining a loan of 1000 USD through Wafaalend website.

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