Ms.Siri Mariani

Gas cooking shop

  • Indonesia - Bandung
  • Services
  • Female
  • 2019-10-15
  • $800
  • $660
  • $140

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creating a gas cylinder shop


Ms.Siri Mariani is an ideal mother who refused to succumb to the cruelty of life after her husband left her, leaving her a widow with four young children. Siri worked in selling poultry, but the general economic conditions failed her plan to support her children. The demand for poultry is very poor, in addition to the death of a large number of them because of the nature of the tropical hot zone. Siri headed to Wafaa International Group for Development and Capacity Building, accompanied by her friend, who spoke to her about the nature of the Group's work that she had previously benefited from. Siri presented her problem to the lending officers in the Group, who, after studying her condition and the area in which she lived, approved a loan of 800 USD for the idea of creating a gas cylinder shop instead of raising poultry.

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