Future Generation Project Jerusalem

Wafaa International Group has completed the first phase of the Future Generation Project in Jerusalem. This project is a part of the Economic Enablement Program for Unfortunate Palestinian Families.
The Future Generation Project aims to utilize the technology and data that has developed globally for e-learning and the enhancement of curriculums with multimedia and interactive activities. It also strives to give teachers and students easy access to this by providing a specialized educational laptop loaded with study materials that can be developed progressively for each student. The Future Generation Project partnered with the Netketabi Project, sponsored by the Partners for Sustainable Development (PSD) institution, which works towards advancing the same idea and aim to achieve the same goals, despite the lack of the necessary budgets to realize this dream. The Future Generation Project was first launched in its trial period in Jerusalem. This phase was an important step towards meeting the needs of students in Jerusalem by providing them with these laptops. We plan on meeting the significant technological needs of students all over the Palestinian territories. During the first phase of this project, we tested how well our technology served the school system, the extent of the students’ interaction with it, and how much they benefitted from it. In addition to this, a number of these laptops (141 laptops to act as mobile computer labs in5 schools, due to the schools’ dire need of them). In this phase, the following laptops and supplies were provided: 1. 900 advanced educational laptops, 141 of which used for computer labs in 15 schools located in Jerusalem and nominated by the Ministry of Education. The remaining laptops were used as educational computers. 2. 300 compatible digital pens. 3. 100 compatible digital boards.

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