WAFAALend Finances Small Projects in Gaza

WafaaLend provided soft loans (Qard Hasan) for a number of micro project owners through Islamic Relief which is a UK-based development organization working in Gaza. In a field visit to the beneficiaries, they told their stories with the loans.
Omaiyma Abu El Khier, owner of a kindergarten “My dream was to establish Al-Usama kindergarten and nursery in the Gaza Strip.”, said Omaiyma. “I wanted to provide special care for the children. My hope is to develop our children into free and intelligent human beings.” She added, “I started with myself by making my dream a reality. However, I needed funds to support my project. I was so happy to find out about Islamic Relief and their Qard Hasan which is a non-interest loan. I applied for it and I got the approval.” “I am very proud of establishing my kindergarten in such a short time. It has become a distinguished one in Gaza Strip and I am so thankful for all those who financed my project and made my dream come true.” she said happily.

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