Mohammed Fayez Awaad Success Story

Black Smith Workshop

  • Palestine - Gaza
  • Manufacturing
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  • $2000

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Mohammed, a struggling young man seeking to get married, but because of the economic and financial conditions suffered by the people of the Gaza Strip he was unable to do so. Mohammed is a blacksmith, but his shop needs to be developed and buy some equipment after being damaged by frequent power cuts caused by the suffocating blockade in Gaza. Mohammed had the idea of a specific cover for his inability to buy equipment, which stopped work, but one of his relatives instructed him to the Wafaa International Foundation, which funds new projects and the development of non-performing projects with a good loan. Mohammed went and borrowed $ 2,000 to buy the missing equipment and supplies and proceed with his work again. Mohammed's financial situation has improved and he is able to get married thanks to this project. Therefore, Mohammed wants to thank and appreciate the support role of the International Islamic Charitable Organization in supporting Palestinian families and improving their standard of living.