Ehab Abu Hassan

Pharmacy to sell diffrent medications

  • Palestine - Gaza
  • Retail
  • M
  • $1880

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“To start up a project in Gaza is a challenge but I overcame it. My family helped me find a good place to establish my pharmacy and make the shelves and main furniture for It.”, said Ihab. Then, I had another challenge to fill the pharmacy with medicine and drugs.” “I heard of the microfinance project at Islamic Relief and the possibility to get a loan from WAFAA. Elhamdulillah, I was one of those who got a loan from WAFAA to fulfill the needs of my pharmacy.” Ihab has got Qard Hasan loans so he could make the pharmacy full with all the needs of the patients and customers. He said, “When people come to my pharmacy they find what they need of medicine or health items. I’d like to thank Islamic Relief and WAFAA. Such loans help us start a new successful life because it is the only right way for unemployed graduates to live in dignity.”