The Successful Story of Sobhiya Hasan Klab


  • Palestine - Gaza
  • Clothing/Tailoring
  • F
  • $1500

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Sobhiya Klab did not expected a day that her living condition would be better not even a small change, for she and her family were going from bad to worst in their situation until she had an opportunity that may change her life and that what happened where she went to Wafaa International Institution asking for support to her sewing and crafts project and she say about this stage “At first I used to sew these crafts at home and sell them to the neighborhood nearby and some relatives until you gave me this chance to rent a shop as a step to develop the work and thanks god it is working where the work is progressing and hopefully it will be better” and she continues thanking Wafaa International Group and The International Islamic Charity Organization for their efforts in lending and funding hoping from them to continue their job in helping needy people who find no source of income to live under the siege condition and she thanked them on what they provide her from support where she is now committed in paying back the loan and can spend on her house and her children.