The Successful Story of Al Hussein Abou Slaymah

Rabbit breeding

  • Palestine - Gaza
  • Poultry farming
  • M
  • $1500

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His situation does not differs a lot from other graduate students who don’t find any job opportunity in their majors and are seeking in short term employment projects and few of them who take the opportunity and find a job at the end of their search. But what differs Al Hussein Abou Slaymah from others is his father who is a retired cultivation engineer and raise rabbits, but the lack of money was a barrier to him where Al Hussein says: “my dad encouraged me to open a project of raising rabbits and he’ll help me in supervision and follow up but I failed in getting a capital for the project until I knew about Wafaa International Group where it did her role cooperating with The International Islamic Charity Organization to finance the project. Al Hussein thanks Wafaa International Group and The International Islamic Charity Organization by saying: “I hope that they continue to provide more help for the projects especially the ones for young unemployed people.” And he continues by saying regarding his outlook to the future: “from this project I can repay the monthly installment and save the rest for the wedding expenses.